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How does resistance bands compare to free weights?

The elastic in the resistance bands create tension just like any free weight would. Rubber, however, has a quality that increases the tension as you stretch the band. Some studies say that this tension puts your muscles under more stress allowing for muscle growth. There’s less momentum using resistance bands which makes you less likely to get injured while in motion.

Why should I use resistance bands instead of free weights?

We love this question. We hate finding out that someone was injured while working out. Our resistance bands are designed to decrease the chances of injury. As previously stated there’s less momentum creating more time to workout and less time to worry about hurting your back.

Are resistance bands really effective?

Of course they are!! Our bands are designed to increase the tension as the band expands. This allows your muscles to stress causing you to feel the burn when your workout is complete.

How durable are the resistance bands?

Our workoutbands team spent a lot of time researching the quality and duration of resistance bands. All bands were engineered to withstand even the most vigorous workouts.

How far do the bands stretch?

Our bands stretch 4 times their length.

Are there any recommended workouts to do with my new resistance bands?

Of course! On top of the Quick Start Guide that was included with your resistance bands, we also have videos to guide you through effective workouts to use as well as an assortment of exercises in our blog.